Attributes - See detailed Creation/Modification times

It seems I have no way of seeing an accurate Creation and Modification Date including seconds.

When I click on attributes, the timestamp fields show the current date instead of the files' date. I think this should display the current information first so I can make an informed decision.

The modified column in Directory Opus shows a format like "12:09pm" but no seconds at all.

Ideally, I would like to see the current attributes including the complete timestamp information when I open the attributes window, before I change the attributes. Is this possible? In addition, sometimes when I try to clear the read-only flag on large numbers of files, it is not cleared for every file. I am not sure how to reproduce but it has happened a few times to me. I had to resort to the windows explorer properties window to mass-clear read-only flags without errors.

Ah there is an option to "show seconds in time columns" that works great.

However the attributes window problem remains.

In addition, the seconds are not accurate. I changed the time of a file using the dopus attributes window to 3:14:9 pm and the file is sorted under 3:14:10 pm

If you look in Explorer, do you see the same thing?

I'm guessing you're seeing this on a removable drive, or something else formatted with the FAT filesystem, which only has a timestamp resolution of 2 seconds.

It's a limitation of FAT. Drives using NTFS have much higher timestamp resolution, down to milliseconds.