Auto-completion in the location field?

Is there a way to make the location bar in DOpus behave like the one in explorer? For instance if I:

  1. WinKey+R, type explorer.exe
  2. Tab to the address field
  3. And start typing: C:\Windows
  4. a dropdown listbox appears with items that currently match the typed text.

I realize I can hit the down arrow to cycle through the list of directories, but I want to see a full list and be able to randomly access elements that match my search. As it is I have to iterate through each item to find the item I'm looking for.

Also, by default, the DOpus location bar doesn't provide auto-completion for file names:

  1. Open DOpus
  2. Go to the location bar and type: C:\Windows\twunk
  3. Now hit down or CTRL+down, ALT+down, SHIFT+down, down, or any other variation.

The only way I can get this to work is type the directory in the Location bar, hit enter, and then type the filename in the lister. Often times I'm off by a directory so it means I have to flip between the lister and the location bar more than ought to have to.

It would shave a few keyboard strokes off if I could search for files and directories in the location bar.

Any way to make the location bar behave this way?


Not at the moment. If you want them as options you should ask GPSoftware.

I'll do that, thanks Nudel.