Auto refresh of folders not working after system wakes up


I never had this problem until now, as I usually use DO on my main system and it never goes into sleep mode. However, I am traveling on vacation now and when i leave the hotel, i close the lid of the laptop which puts the laptop into sleep mode. Every time, without fail, when I return and open the screen, enter my login password to resume my session, if i make changes in a dir, or for instance, i download the pictures I took that day to a folder, if i am already in that folder, the files will not show up until i refresh manually. Closing and restarting the lister does not fix it either. I have to close DO completely (from the task bar) and then restart it and all is fine.

An ideas on how to remedy this?


Try the debug section of this FAQ and let us know what results you get:

[Changes to folders are not being detected)