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Auto resize listers after opening viewer and/or metadata pane

Feature request

I have a vertical dual-lister setup. When opening or resizing the viewer pane it would be nice if both listers would resize with it. One lister column could be designed as auto, for instance Name, and the other columns would stay the same width.
The same could apply for the metadata pane.

You want the columns to resize? You can do that already.

Thanks. Is there a way to auto-resize the lister splitter as well?

It already automatically resizes to divide the remaining space proportionally (based on the old sizes).

If you want something different or more specific than that, please give details of exactly what you want.

To be more specific:
My listers are now devided 50%-50% vertically. When opening the viewer pane this changes to 50%-30%-20%.
It would be great if both listers auto resized to 40%-40%-20%.

The file displays should stay the same proportions when the viewer pane opens. Maybe they aren't really starting off equal, and it's just harder to see when they're quite large.

Try resetting them to 50/50 by double-clicking the slider between the two file displays.

The (proportional) size of both the file displays and the viewer pane will be saved as part of the default lister, and Layouts and Styles more generally. You can use that to define the sizes that things should normally be.

Depending on your settings under Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister, the default lister may be updated when you close a window, or you may need to use Settings > Set as Default Lister to update it explicitly.

Layouts and Styles always need to be updated (loaded, adjusted, then re-saved) explicitly if you want to change the sizes in them.

You can also use commands to resize the panels to specific sizes of percentages on demand, or when you open panels. Scripts can react to panels opening and resize things based on whatever logic you want, if you want to customize things in a lot of detail (although that should not be needed).

I guess the doubleclick on the slider in the middle worked. It was off by only a couple of pixels. Always wondered if there was a way to auto-split it at 50-50.
I saved the lister and updated the default lister. Opening the viewr pane now also shrinks both listers.

Thanks again Leo for such wonderful work on DOpus!

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