Auto Switch Lister Layout/Style on Snapping/Maximizing Window

It would be great if Directory opus can provide an option of Auto-Switch to single pan on snapping and dual pan on maximizing. It will great increase productivity for many users.

For me, I usual snap to drag and drop-in other programs and I need single pan during that and maximize to organize file between panes, so dual panes needed. Any option for this automation can save a lot of time.

Thanks in advance

You can use scripting events to react to window size changes and trigger any action you want based on them:!Documents/Scripting/OnListerResize.htm

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Tried to figure out, Ho can I do it? with no success. Can I found a detailed steps for doing it.

Thanks in Advance

Which part are you stuck on?

If you go to the Buttons and Scripts area here and filter on the Events tag, it will show example scripts that use events to do things.