Auto-updater keeps prompting me every few minutes

I'm running Dopus
The auto-updater keeps opening the Directory Opus News and Updates window with a Level 3 message 'The update cycle and lifetime licences' but it's not clear what I should do (if anything) and why the message keeps recurring.

It may be because the server it talks to to check if there is a new version is currently down. (The list of news stories come from an unrelated server, which is why that still works.)

Next time it appears, click "Edit update settings" at the bottom-left, then turn off the update checker for now to stop it getting in the way.

Thanks, Leo. That's fixed it. I must remember to turn it back on when the server gets back on-line.

Why doesn't GPSoft / Directory Opus post the status of this server or service? Why wouldn't they post it on their own website instead of forcing users to go to a forum and hope that someone posted something about the problem?

Also, it was a bit unsettling that their website was pretty much offline for a day or more.

Is there an ETA on when that server will be back online?

The update checker should be working now.


Same probem here with Level 1 selected. About every week or less it prompts stating that Dopus is available, having installed and that I'm "current". So this should not appear, shouldn't it?


Turn on the Preferences / Internet / Updates / Perform automatic update check silently option.

Done! Thank you!