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AutoCAD viewer plug-in

I'm a pretty new user of the DOpus software and really love it. I've read that some users have been looking for an autocad viewer and I couldn't agree more. I'm in and out of cad files all day long and would find this to be invaluable. If anyone knows how to create a viewer, I could provide several different versions of autocad files to test with. I'd be more than happy to help out where I'm able to although I don't have any programmer experience at all.

Could you provide a small sample AutoCAD file?

There are some free (and non-free) AutoCAD viewers which you should be able to use in Opus via the ActiveX plugin but I haven't tested that they work.

I just found the perfedt work around to solve my problem. The forum thread below is exactly what I was looking for. ... g&start=15

Cool. I've written an updated version of the guide in case it helps other people: ... ml#autocad