Autohide Docked Toolbars on Mulitple DPI Monitors

Using Win 10 Pro (10.01.19041) with DOpus 12.27 Pro

I have a laptop (resolution 1920x1080) connected to an external 4K monitor (resolution 3840x2160), with a toolbar docked horizontally at the top on each (different toolbars). Both are set to autohide.

Unfortunately, one toolbar consistently will NOT autohide unless moved to the vertical position, regardless of monitor assigned. Issue occurs after reboot or DOpus restart, and only intermittently resolves itself when I dock the toolbar vertically for a while, then move it horizontally.

I have tried:

  • setting the external monitor to the same resolution as the laptop
  • exiting DisplayFusion
  • building a replacement toolbar for the one in question.

No luck so far.

Appreciate any assistance from the experts.

It's probably a Windows issues. Docked toolbars are a shell feature and basically do not work with mixed DPI. The shell itself gets very confused and won't position the taskbar properly in some cases.

(Resolution doesn't matter, but DPI scaling has to be the same on all monitors, and you may need to reboot after changing it.)

That's what I suspected. DPI scaling is the same for both monitors. Will have to reconsider my work flow.

Yes, very likely. Same here, sigh. I have defined a system-wide hotkey to toggle the Toolbar.

That might prove a viable alternative... Thanks @lxp