Automatic Expanding Context Menu Sub-Menus

I have made many customizations to my context menu for many of the various types, but one thing that has been growing more and more obnoxious is that 2 of the menus I have made require that I click the arrow in order for the sub menu to show it's contents. However, I have 2 other submenus that automatically show their contents on my mouse hover. I can't figure out the difference between the two, but would like a way to make them all automatically show their contents on my mouse hovering over them.

Thanks guys!

AFAIK, Windows pop-up menus do not perform other actions until they are closed. You can use an AutoHotkey script to automatically expand a submenu.

why is it that underneath the two submenus that don't automatically expand there are submenus that DO auto-expand? I can clearly see its possible...?

Auto-expand seems to be the standard, at least on my system (Win11, Opus v13):

Can you share some details about the misbehaving menus?

What I understand is that when the menu pops up, the submenu automatically expands without the cursor hovering. . .

The menu with the number 1 automatticaly opens when i hover over it.
the menu number 2 makes me click the arrow in order to expand.
I dont understand the difference. I would like #2 to act like #1

Is Menu #2 a menu like


or a dynamic button? What's in it?

Could you zip /dopusdata/FileTypes/AllFiles.oxr and send it to me via PM?

Everything in the last two screenshots looks normal to me, but something seems to be making some of the sub-menus into Button-Menus instead of normal Menus, or something.

sure thing, I'll send it over right now. Thank you for taking the time to look into this .:+1:

Many thanks!

It turns out it's working as designed, and you've turned on an obscure feature I didn't know existed myself.

If you right-click the first item inside each affected sub-menu, you should see the "Button" checkbox is on for it:

Turn that off and the menu will go back to normal.

(It lets you make a button-menu where the designated action happens on the main button part, and there's a sub-menu with other secondary functions when you click the arrow.)

LEO!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Thank you sooooo much!

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@Leo Hey Bud, I've been tinkering around with v13 and my hats off to the chef(s)! Really proud of the work you guys have done with this latest release. I was curious if you guys did anything in the new version to modify these settings regarding the context menu and the "button" setting.

context menu

If you notice the Copy, Move, Paste buttons. The copy and move arrows point to the right, meaning I have to pause on the button and go into the appearing menu to select the function. The paste function has a downward arrow which means that I can simply click on the Paste button itself for a simple paste function, but can also have the menu appear for other options if I so choose. I would love for this simple function to replicate with the "copy" button.
I checked both of the coding of the buttons, and I think I discovered the difference in the buttons. The Paste "usesel" feature appears to be the reason for this feature. As you can see, I tried to add this function to the copy button, which I was pretty sure wasn't going to work after reading up in the help documentation, but thought I'd give it a whirl. It didn't work. Is there a way to do this? I know the difference is really petty, but the Paste function doesn't require me to click, I just hover over it if I want the menu to expand, but can simply click on it if I want to paste. The Copy button, if I make the underlying button (copy) into the Button option, allows me to simply click the main option of Copy, but if I want the menu to expand I have to click the tiny little arrow button, I simply can not hover and wait for it to expand.

I know I am probably the only person to complain about this, but if there any way to modify this or get this changed in a future patch? I'd love you guys forever.

AFAIK nothing changed here.

Isn't the difference between your two sub-menus just that one has something in it with the Button flag (shown in my screenshot above) turned on, while the other doesn't?