Automatic path creation

(sorry, still on 9.5)
-> please, unless this is already possible, make an option that Dopus handles file naming like this:

entering filename: thisisafilename\example\withbackslashes
--> dopus should then NOT create paths but either
a) give a dialogue : the name includes backslashes. do you want to create these folders?
or b) give a dialogue: please remove backslashes/prohibited characters

upon b), the file renaming mode should not be canceled, but the user should get the chance to remove those characters. this should also apply to any prohibited chararacter, not just backslashes.

thanks. hope this is of relevance to current dopus.

Opus 11 has an OnBeforeFolderChange scripting event which should allow for all of that to be done. There's no way in Opus 9.

Sorry, on re-reading I think I misunderstood earlier. There isn't a way to disable the feature where you can use \ with inline rename to move files.

  • thanks for the OnBeforeFolderChang hint.
  • @#3, then I'd like to suggest an option "prompt before moving files by inline rename (backslash)". it has to do with pasting text when renaming a file. I often want to rename a folder or file by naming after some path.
    for example, some file is here
    d:\documents\notepad\summer holiday\textfile.txt

then i move it here:
c:\my files\textfile.txt

and then I rename it like this:
c:\my files\d -- documents -- notepad -- summer holiday -- textfile.txt

--> when I forget to remove backslashes, I have a mess. (in fact an auto-replace of \ by e.g. " -- " would be awesome.)

just so you see where I'm coming from.(same goes for slash (/), btw.)

hope this was of interest.

i also think that at least in dopus 9, inline file naming data gets lost if the file name is too long. I believe it should preserve the entered text instead of discarding it, and prompt the user to shorten it. sorry should this have been already improved in the new dopus.