Automatically add files from a folder to a Collection

Dear friends,
I use Mozilla and Chrome. When I save files in Chrome, the files are saved in the default Win folder "Documents". Is it possible to automatically add the files from the folder "Documents" to my Collection folder named "Documents". Thanks in advance

Libraries might be a better fit than Collections here, depending on what else you want in the collection or exactly how you're using it. Can you give some more detail about what you're aiming for?

Leo, I manually move some files to the collection folder called "Col Documents" from a lot of different folders. I let Chrome browser to save all my files in the folder Document. It would be nice for my workflow if it could automatically move the saved files by Chrome browser from the folder Documents to the collection folder named "Col Documents", where I collect a lot of different stuff from different folders.

You may ask why I can't use both the folder "Documents" and collection "Col Documents". It's because I need to randomize all the documents. So I need to have all the stuff in one place

If it's not possible to do it automatically, is it possible to move all files from a folder to a collection folder manually (with a single button)?

If you make a button that runs this, it will add everything in the Downloads folder to the collection and show you the collection:

Find NAME=* RECURSE=no CLEAR=no COLLNAME="Col Documents" IN /downloads

That's probably the easiest way to do it. Just click that button instead of going to the collection.

Thanks a lot, Leo. Is it possible to clean up the folder "Downloads" afterwards with a single button?

Clean up in what sense?

Delete all files that I have saved in the folder "Downloads"

Delete /downloads\* or similar will do that.

Remember that collections just point to those files, so if you delete everything in the downloads folder then they'll be gone. The collection will be pointing to non-existent files at that point. (It should notice and remove them, after a short delay.)

Thank you Leo. It works
I started to use one folder more in my workflow and used the Delete command but it doesn't work as with the folder "downloads"

Delete "C:\Users\Myuser\OneDrive\Desktop\Google images\"*

It can delete the folder but not the files inside the folder. I couldn't also remove all items from my collections using the Delete command like you have shown with "downloads".

The * should be inside the quotes.

An easy way to clear a collection can be found here:

Thank you so much, Leo. Very helpful