Automatically Calculate Folder Sizes - make a button to turn it on and off?

Is this possible?
Either globally turn on the preference, or turn on the "Folder Formats" preference for the current folder (if both are possible, please say how).

With maybe the ability to constrain it to either the left/right side of the lister or the current tab or whole lister.

The reason I'd find this useful is for when I am running out of hard drive space, and need to delete files -- when I'm doing that I'll often go into some folder, run GetSizes, sort by size, select and drag the biggest folders onto the Tab bar, then switch into each of those tabs where I often have to run GetSizes again because there are several subfolders..

There isn't a command to toggle it, only the UI.

The Ctrl-K (or Ctrl-L if your config dates back to an older version) hotkey can be useful as a quick way to (re)calculate the sizes.

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Hovering over a folder with the mouse also invokes the GetSizes command for that particular folder.

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