Automatically close find panel?

In find panel there is option to automatically shrink panel. I would prefer if there were similar option to automatically close panel after doing a search. Is there a way to do this?

There isn't an option for that.

You could make a script which closed the find panel any time a tab displays Find Results, which would be similar.

Auto-closing the Find panel seems like it could be annoying, though. I often need to search again if the first search didn't find exactly what I wanted.

If you're doing simple name/wildcard searches, you could make a button which prompts you for what to search for and does the search without even opening the Find panel.

For me it's the opposite. I often only need to search once so shrinking is annoying because it just takes up space at bottom and takes extra click to close.

Do you have any links to sample scripts I could use as guidance to help creating script you describe?

There's a whole Buttons/Scripts category here on the forum with lots of examples, and the manual has a section on scripting (plus the separate scripting reference section with details on all the objects and events).