Automatically Run Utility Panel Sync Compare Tool


Is it possible to create a button that can be put in a toolbar that runs the Utility Panel sync automatically?
For example if you have a dual lister open and you push this button and it will automatically compare the two listers based on the current settings of the Utility Panel Sync tool and it shows you the results in each lister without the need to push the "compare" button or to see the dialog popup that occurs when you run a compare?

Probably not possible, because the utility panel is kind of its own thing but I just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions.
I have seem some 3rd party tools that do this but I was just wondering if Directory Opus Sync tool could be tweaked a little.

Thank You

You can't currently automate the sync UI, but you can automate some types of synchronisation, e.g. using Copy UPDATEALL or Copy UPDATEEXISTING, or the Copy WHENEXISTS=xyz arguments, as well as (optionally) copy-unattended mode.

So it depends a bit on what you want to do.

If you're considering external tools, they can usually be integrated into Opus very well. For example, I use Beyond Compare a lot, and just have to click a button in Opus to have it showing me the differences between my current folders, or currently selected files.