Automatically select next file after moving

I want to have the next file or folder selected after I move one to another location.
e.g. The default behaviour in v10 (at least on my setup) for moving a folder is that the focus moves UP one in the tree, while in v9 the default for me was to select the next folder.

There is a Preferences setting to "Automatically select next file after deleting", but is there a similar setting for doing this after copying or moving?

It already works that way for me (Opus beta).

How are you moving the folder?

Just plain drag and drop, usually between two open listers. (v10.

I must have changed too many settings.. (as I said, it used to work that way in v9 for me).

Try using, the link is in my signature.

This was a change made in


  • moving a folder between or within a lister, the original defaults to the next higher tree level instead of the next folder down.
  • moving a file (from right lister (1) to left lister (2)), no file becomes visibly "selected' in lister 1, but when you go back to that lister the next file in the list has a faint box around it, not actually selected. The problem in this situation for me is that after I move a file to lister 2, I want to be able to SEE where I was located in the original lister 1 by having the file selected (highlighted).

Our messages overlapped, i will try the update and report back. thank...

Updating to the beta seems to have fixed the first of my two problems about folders. Thanks.

I guess the second point above was never a feature in a previous version. To explain again, I'd like to move files between two listers, and have the next file in the list highlighted specifically in a manner such that it can still be seen to be highlighted while that lister is no longer in focus (ie while working in the other lister). There are many files, and I need to see where I am "up to" in the first list while working in the other lister. If I switch the focus back to the first lister, the next file in line is indeed marked with a faint dotted outline - which is quite a different colour from a selected file and it cant be seen at all unless that lister is in focus. (This is not an issue of versions, I think the previous versions did the same, nor is it any kind of fault - i just would love to know if i can change it somehow).

Unsolved: I am moving files between two listers. After moving file 1, the next file 2 in the list is selected - but its not selected "normally", instead its got a faint dotted box around it. I'd like it to have a gray background or something more similar to a normal highlighted file. The problem is that when I switch to the adjacent lister I cannot see this faint dotted box anymore - so i cant see where I am in the list without switching back to that lister. I'd like the highlighted file to be visible even if i switch to another lister. Any thoughts?

The next file isn't selected at all; it just has the keyboard focus. (Push space to select it.)

There are other ways you could probably get what you want (e.g. checkbox mode, or using Power Mode where you can select multiple files but then choose to only drag one of them at a time).

Thanks for the reply, but specifically, could someone make a suggestion as to what might some of these other ways actually be? Checkbox mode and power mode do nothing special that I can see thats relevant - moving files still leaves the next file unselected (ie keyboard mode only)...
The keyboard focus is no help if you cant see it from the other app or other lister.

Since I don't really understand why you want this it's difficult to suggest which method would work best, but taking checkbox mode as an example, you can check all the files you care about, then drag them one-by-one out of the lister. The 'next' file you care about will be the next one with a checkbox.

It's a pity that the question remained unresolved.
I also decided to configure it and faced the same lack of functionality. It's no way a bug, but welcome small feature.

Configuration: Dual DO lister. Select next file after deletion is ON.

Delete file/folder. Next file/folder is selected. Ok.
Move file/folder (drag&drop or other). Next file/folder is NOT selected. Pressing Space does the job. But it's an extra click, that better be avoided.

After move folder from Folder Tree, the next folder is selected. I'd like to see the same after moving folder from one of dual listers to the other.