Automatically select the first file in folder

Something that has been bothering me about the "automatically select first file in folder" option does not work correctly when the list is sorted by the value of a script column.
E.g. I have created a custom script column, which sorts by date.
I save a folder format that sorts by that column.
In any folder that uses that format, the option to "automatically select first file in folder" does not work correctly, instead another file is selected (randomly?) because it seems that the selection is made BEFORE the sorting. Any way to solve this?
I have tried to use the SELECT FIRST MAKEVISIBLE or SELECT RANGE 1 MAKEVISIBLE command in scripts that use events like OnAfterFolderChange, OnOpenTab but without getting the expected result.

Script columns can take a long time, so calculation of them is done in the background. If the file display is sorting by a script column, the sort won't happen until after the folder is displayed.

For some scripts (e.g. one calculating file hashes), that might be a long time afterwards, so changing the selected file once the column is fully populated would probably cause problems.

So when a lister is sorted by a script column, that option (select first file) doesn't apply? Or is it that there is a threshold time that dopus waits to make the selection and if the sorting is not completed in that period, the selection command is discarded?
Is there currently an script event that triggers after a sort is performed?