Automatically update folder content view?

Hi, how can I make DO automatically update the folder content view (same as with F5) of a specific folder whenever I display this folder by clicking on this folder's tab?

You could create a button using this code (where c:\XYZ is your folder):

GO NEWTAB=findexisting "c:\xyz" Go REFRESH

You shouldn't have to manually refresh. There is a FAQ on diagnosing refresh problems which you should follow if it isn't happening automatically.

I've looked at the FAQ forum and didn't find any topic about refresh problems. Could you please point me to that topic you mean? Thank you.

The folder I was talking about is the /Recent directory. I have created an extra Tab for this folder. But when I click on this Tab to display the /Recent directory I always have to press F5 for to see the latest changes in this directory. But I would like to have the content of the /Recent directory being automatically updated in Directory Opus.

[Changes to folders are not being detected)

This has been going on for years now. Truthfully, I've seen it in windows explorer a couple of times as well. It's not exclusive to Opus, but DO does seem to manifest it more often than Windows Explorer. It also seems to be relegated to USB drives only. Local drives on IDE/SATA ports are not affected in any case that I've seen.