Automatically update Lister to display new files

Perhaps I changed a setting but currently my Lister pane does not automatically display new files that were created or added since the Lister was opened. I have to hit F5 (several times it seems at times, or am I just impatient?) in order to see the new files. I would like the Lister view to be automatically updated without pressing F5 please. How?

Please see Changes to folders are not always detected in the FAQs for suggestions.

Okay, I did a search initially before posting but didn't find anything. Then after posting I found the FAQ that you referred me to (your search function doesn't aggregate any of the search terms so it comes up with a lot of random topics that are irrelevant). So I ran through all of the items on the FAQ without success. Windows Explorer updates automatically but DOpus doesn't. Ran the DebugView but I have no idea what the results mean. Was there something captured by notify_debug or shellchange_debug that would help you?

What's the debugview output when both of the debug options are turned on?

Also, have you tried rebooting since the problem started?

Does it affect all drives or just some?

The instructions in the FAQ didn't say to save the output of debugview. It said close it and turn the settings in DOpus back to FALSE. Is there something I can send you from the DOpus log? Instructions please.

No I have not rebooted or tested all drives - I thought this would be a simple setting not a debugging exercise.

If you reboot or just quit Opus and rerun it you'll probably find it works again.

Rebooted. Still have the problem. Is there a log I can send you? Remember I performed all the steps in the FAQ.

We need the DebugView output. (And ProcessMonitor, if also possible.) Without it we have nothing to go on.

I've clarified the FAQ to say that if you can't make sense of the output from the debugging tools yourself then you should save it and send it as part of a bug report, so that we can try to make sense of it for you.

You can use File > Save or File > Save As from both debugging tools mentioned to save their output to log files (or take screenshots of any relevant information; whichever is easier).

If you zip up the output and send it to us we will see if it helps tell why the changes aren't being detected.

Will do. How long do I let this run? Am I just performing the function that I'm trying to fix (move file to new folder and demonstrate failure to update) and then closing it? Do I need to jump through the other hoops (change notify_debug & shellchange_debug to TRUE?).

Yes, you need to turn on the two debug settings, otherwise Opus won't produce any debug information in DebugView.

Turn them on, load DebugView, make some changes on the drive where the problem is happening, and you should see some output from Opus in DebugView. If you save that or take a screenshot, we can look at it.

If you take a screenshot, including all of the Opus window as well may help, so we can see the folder it is in and confirm that it isn't showing the change. (And also be able to see if Opus is set to filter out certain files/folders, which could be the problem.)

Doing the same on another drive is also worth trying, in case the problem is specific to a drive or folder.

Okay, I think I did what was asked. It was a pain to keep the DebugView app from streaming out more than one screen of output before capturing. Surely there is another way to capture the data. Anyway, I have:

  • Attached a screen shot of DebugView for a file transfer using Windows Explorer then looking at DOpus and refreshing screen to see file.
  • Attached a screen shot of DOpus after the refresh.
  • Note that this file transfer is on a server and NOT the local hard drive. I did another file transfer for the local hard drive and this seems to automatically update.

Let me know if I can change any settings that will allow all file transfers to automatically update in DOpus.


[07/Feb: I've removed the big screenshots since we don't need them anymore & they were causing some layout issues on the forum. --Leo]

Many thanks for the screenshots.

From those I've found where the problem is: If you have a library pointing to a network share, Opus won't detect changes made within that share if you are viewing it via the library. (Unless another Opus window/tab is also open and viewing the share directly, without going via the library, which makes things work.)

We should be able to fix that for a future update.

Thank you Leo. I've worked with you before and you always keep at it until you figure it out. Another tidbit occurred to me today that I thought may have been a factor - I happen to be using this computer (the one with DOpus installed) via a remote connection with another computer (I'm in computer transition limbo for the moment).

Remote connection shouldn't be a factor in this case, but thanks for the extra info as you never know what might help.

We've just written and tested a fix for the issue, which should be included in Opus 11 Beta 7.