Average Filesize

Hi all,

is there a way to display the average file size in the status bar?

Or, if not, is there a simple way to calculate the average size in a script (i.e. simpler than creating a FileSystemObject from each of the selected files and asking them for their sizes)?

Thanks a lot,

You could use the Print Folder command to export the folder listing to a CSV file, then import that into Excel and calculate the average from the size column.

Thanks, jon, yes I could. However, I was really thinking of a simple button and a popup to give me the average...
(Apart from that I guess I should have a look at the Print Folder command - very interesting!)

I would like to request a new column called "Average File Size" which would simply be a calculation of the "Size" column divided by the "Total File count" column. This would be useful in tracking down folders full of photos that need to be optimized :slight_smile:

This can be done in Opus 11 via scripting.

My Custom Column - Newest File example is quite similar and could be adapted to do this instead.

Sounds good Leo - I had no idea you could create your own columns in DOpus :smiley:

... 4 hours later ...

Okay I've given it my best shot but I can't figure it out. I've created a new topic for help with the scripting here :arrow_right: