AVI Thumbnails and DOpus x64

I've just downloaded the trial of the 64 bit version of Directory Opus which I'm running on a clean install of Vista x64 and I'm having real difficulty with AVI thumbnails.

.MPG files display correctly but AVI's remain as the default icon. The AVI files I'm trying will display quite happily in the viewer pane if I turn it on. They'll play in Windows Media Player. I'm using the "current" ffdshow tryout codec with the default option enabled. I tried turning off ffdshow's ability to restrict the codec to certain applications but that didn't make any difference either.

Any ideas? I don't remember having any trouble the last time I tried DOpus on 32bit Windows XP.


I've answered my own question... I installed the experimental x64 version of ffdshow from sourceforge.net/project/showfile ... _id=523000

That seems to have done the trick for the avi files I was having trouble with.. now to find an x64 version of a matroska splitter :slight_smile: