Avoiding error while renaming "locked" folders

Hi there,

First: happy new year :opussanta: and congratulation for this amazing piece of software (several months after I bought it I still find new amazing functionnalities :smiley: ).

Then, I'd like to know if it would be possible to simply avoid the "Access Refused" error which occured when one try to rename a locked folder (for eg. renaming a folder from the tree view when DOpus is displaying thumbnails of its content). My idea would be to "asynchronise" the folder rename action:

  1. Allow the rename action (instead of the error message dialog)
  2. Display the folder name in red or something (to notify the user the folder isn't really renamed yet)
  3. When the folder is unlocked, effectively rename it
  4. Remove the red visual tag

Is it a good/bad idea? Easy to implement?
Just an idea which would make DOpus even better (if possible! :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Replies and remarks are welcome. Thanks :slight_smile: