Avoiding the "Destination Lister Concept"

I've been a registered user of Opus for quite a long time but took a break from it for several years. Finding the Windows Explorer in Windows 7 inadequate, I'm back. My needs are very small relative to the options available in Opus. I've always found the operation of the destination lister method to be not what I need. What I need is (using a single lister setup) for a dialog box to come up when I want to copy or move something wherein I choose where I want to copy or move those items - and that would preferably default to the last destination until I change it. However, I need to see the destination before I perform the operation. Opus always has in mind some destination lister but I have no idea what that is without that destination coming up in a dialog box where I can confirm or change it.

Evidently, this aspect of the program prefers for the user to be using dual windows - the source and the destination - both seen so you know where your files are headed. I can do that but would prefer to simply user a single lister if I can get the operation to be performed as described above. I know this is a very basic question but I've looked through the explanations offered in the help file and in the Preferences and can't find the solution I'm seeking.

Help please. Thanks.

If you do only have one file display open and click the Copy Files button, Opus will prompt you for a destination.

If it isn't prompting you, you must have another lister open (maybe minimised or behind other windows) somewhere which is acting as the destination. (The source/destination concept works between two single-display windows, not only between the two halves of a dual-display window.)

You can change the Copy Files button to run Copy TO=ask$ if you want it to always prompt for a destination, regardless of any other windows.

Actually, the full command will be like this, since you'd want to add the TO=ask$ argument to both the normal and the shift-key actions which you should find if you edit the existing Copy Files button:

@keydown:none Copy TO=ask$ @keydown:shift Copy AS TO=ask$

Thanks. There was another window open so I'll have to watch for that. As to editing the Copy files command, I've found the the help info for the Simple and Advanced Command Editor but I can't find where to invoke them. Can you help with that? Also, once one of these editors is running, is it fairly intuitive how to "locate" the Copy files button so as to edit it? I tried right clicking on the button with no results.

Thanks again.

Please see: Editing the Toolbar.

Thank you. I copied and pasted the command list you provided and this works. However, if I perform two copy operations in a row, it's not remembering where the previous destination was. Is that achievable or do I just go back to the simple copy command and remember to not have two windows open and/or use a dual pane lister?

If I use it twice, the second time it defaults to the path I picked the first time. If it isn't, it's because it's picking up the default path from another window you have open which is the destination.

You can use the Recent drop-down at the top of the prompt if the default path isn't the one you want.

On mine, it doesn't. For simpliciy, we'll call the directory it's stuck on as "A". If I copy a file to "B", it doesn't remember it. I select another file to copy, it tells me the file is going to "A". "A" does show up in "Recent" but "B" does not. "A" is not open anywhere, not in the dual pane and not in another window. It's just not remembering. Perhaps it's due to another setting I changed when trying to make this work on my own.

Long and short, it would be nice if Opus would recognize that some of us out here just want is an easy, FAMILIAR routine to do simple file operations. If Microsoft, in their shortsightedness, had simply kept the same kind of Explorer it had in XP, I wouldn't have needed to go back to Opus or find another file manager.