AxCrypt - Encrypt/Decrypt Files/Folders on the fly


I was looking for something to encrypt selected files/folders with a password and didn't find anything here. But after research, I found something that works great.

I request someone to create buttons for all possible operation listed below.

I have tested the basic ones in Opus and they work great. I tested encrypt/decrypt selected/all files by prompting for/cached password. I was successful using the CLI. All that is needed now is make this available as toolbar buttons and make everyone here happier.

The command-line options of AxCrypt (free/opensource) are here:

and AxCrypt can be downloaded from here:

The options I think should be available are:

Encrypt/Decrypt Selected/All Files/Folders While Prompting For Password and Keeping/Deleting Original Files/Folders.

Obvioulsy, there are other command line options too on the link I mentioned.

Thank you!!!!! :smiley:

Hi amitk,

do you need help creating the buttons or creating the commands for AxCrypt?

For the first part you may Getting to know Directory Opus (tutorial and introduction) useful. If you then have problems creating the buttons do not hesitate to ask.

For the latter part it seems you already know the commands. Why ask here?