Back ground image

Is it possible to change the background image inside opus... can't seem to figure out how or where and what folder you would place the image...

You can add images under Prefs --> Images and then associate with selected folders (specific folders, wildcard folder selection, content type) under Prefs --> Folder Formats and then Options --> Image for the specific format you want to apply the image to.

Regards, AB

I'm specifically trying to change the back ground image of the huge view area where you look at the files...i still cant find where it is you can swap out an image the background is the default white right now and where would the folder be so i can overwrite the image?

maybe its called a backdrop image... under prefrences / Miscellaneous / advanced ...i found a value called setwallpaper_file DOpus_Wallpaper.bmp maybe this is it but if it is i cant find its location to swap it

Here is a sample folder with background image..

..and here is the matching definition in Prefs.

Regards, AB

ok next question...i'm there the drop down where it says image has a bunch of greyed out stuff and no way to browse to an obviously i need to drop images into a folder where it can see it you know the location of that folder?

Read the information that has already been provided to you...

i get it..thanks

This FAQ may be of use: Understand and Configure Background Images.

thank you leo.. iw as searching through the forums for something like that... couldn't find it... the way you change background images is different than i would have expected but i like it... cheers!