Back (left) Button DO 12

Since upgrading to V12 I've found:
In a folder which has many folders in it:
Clicking on one of these folders after scrolling down (say half way), enters that folder.
If view mode is set to "Details" or "Details + Thumbnails", then going back (left button) returns to previous folder & highlights the folder name you originally clicked to go into, with a scroll down performed to show it.
However, if view mode is set "Thumbnails", then going back returns to previous folder OK, but items are displayed from the start of the list. The item that had been clicked on is still highlighted, but you have to manually scroll down to find it.
Hope this makes sense.

For me the folder is selected when going back. Here's what I see:

Am I testing the right thing, or doing something different?

You did it so fast I can't tell. LOL
But I have the first folder & subsequent folders all set to "Detail" view.
Once going into the next folder, I then changed it's view to "Thumbnails", then went back (left button) to the previous folder which is still showed in "Detail" view, but the lister is positioned at the very top of the list of items (folders).
Hope this helps for you to recreate the problem, Leo.

Which folders are you seeing this with? Does it happen below the C:\Windows folders?

Does turning on Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Select previous folder when going Up help?

What settings are on Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Recent List?

Hi Leo
The folders are picture folders (jpg) on a external USB drive.
Folder 1 has multiple folders, each of these folders has jpg files.
Both folders are set with view "details".
Selecting a folder from Folder 1, then shows in "detail" mode all the pic files in that folder.
I change that view then from "detail" to "thumbnails", & then thumbnails are shown.
When hitting the back (left) button, it goes back to the list of folder in Folder 1, but always the list is from the start of items (1st folder on etc).
Instead of changing to "thumbnails" mode in the pic folder, if leaving it at "detail" mode or changing to "detail+Thumbnail" mode, then hitting the back button, it goes back as expected & lists the folders in Folder, in "detail mode", and auto scrolls down so the folder you've just backed out of appears in the middle of the item window, which is good.
Hoping this helps to describe the problem.
Under V11, it would always go back to Folder 1 & list the items in "detail mode" & scroll the window down, if necessary, to show the highlighted pic folder previously selected .... which was good!
P.S. I've tried the Up button instead of the back button, and it goes back to Folder 1 OK, but it's in thumbnail mode, which is no good.

Thanks for the extra details!

While I still can't get it to happen on my machine, Jon has reproduced it on his. There may be a configuration difference that's related, but we can take it from here. Now that we have reproduced it we can investigate it further.

Have installed the new 12.1.1 beta version & all is good!
Big thanks for fixing this so quickly :slight_smile: