Background Color in Main Menu

How do I change this light blue background color in v13?



If Visual Styles is on at the top (and you don't want to turn it off), it uses the colors/theme from Windows, which can be modified here:

(Modifying the Windows colors will affect other menus in Opus, not just the toolbar ones.)

Well, I did modify the 'Background-Hot' under 'Enabled items' in your 2nd screen capture and it did change the background in the secondary drop-down menus, but not the top menu. That's why I asked.... there was another setting in v12... like 'toggled' but I couldn't find that anywhere.

This is what I have so far:

Oh, and I did uncheck this:

Oh, the top-level is a toolbar, not really a menu. The menu is the thing that opens off of it. It'll be in the toolbar colors/style.