Background disk activity for some reason

Hi there,
Have opened dopus on a number of windows and all info is available but have found that there is disk usage in the background anything upto 129MB/s.
Any idea what I have done to cause the scan.
It is using approx 15% CPU.

Versions 12.9 & 12.9.3

It could be a lot of things, depending on your configuration and what you're telling Opus to do.

What is it showing or doing at the time it happens?

Are you looking at large folders full of video files or similar media?

Calculating folder sizes automatically on folder change?

Any script add-ins installed that might be doing things?

Which columns are turned on in the file display?

If it's still a mystery, you could try using Process Monitor to see which files Opus is accessing, which might point to the reason it's happening.