Background image not applying

Opus has been running flawlessly for about 3 years now, for me. Yesterday I purchased a new, larger monitor, and now I have an issue. I went from a 1920x1080 monitor to a 2560x1440 monitor. When I started Opus after hooking up the larger monitor, the background image I have always used for my dual lister layout was showing up smaller, with bands of black at the top and bottom where the image was too short to cover that area. I made a new image sized 1280x1440 that would be large enough for the lister backgrounds. I put that in the images folder, opened Prefs, went to Display/Images and added the larger image to be used. Then at the bottom center of that dialog page, on the first option which is File Display: I chose the new, larger image, clicked the option Center, then clicked Apply at the very bottom right of that dialog page.
I have Opus set up to where on startup, it loads a saved lister layout of a certain name, so I closed the Prefs, and made sure the new image was displaying correctly (which it does, no more black areas in the dual listers), and I saved the lister layout, overwriting the old saved lister layout.
Here is the problem now... when I close, then open Opus again, there is nothing in either of the dual lister backgrounds. Just black, no image at all. If I open Prefs again, the correct image shows as lister background, but it just does not display. In order for me to get it to display, I have to change something like from center to lower left, then Apply, then close Prefs, and I get the image I want once again.
I've tried saving the lister layout as a new name, and having Opus use that when starting, but still I just get the black background. And of course, when the dual lister layout looks right, I did save it as the default lister, so that is not the problem, I don't think.
Any ideas how I can fix this issue with Opus? TIA !!

So the settings are saving, or that wouldn't be there.

Something else must be overriding the background image. Probably folder formats, either assigned to the folders or to the layout you're opening.

Well, I will check those settings, but as I said, Opus has worked flawless for over 3 years now, and I haven't changed a thing regarding the settings you mentioned, but I will double check them now. Thanks.

That was the problem, pure and simple. When I checked the Options/Image section for folder format, it was blank. After I chose the image I want and saved, the next time I opened Opus, there it was, just like normal. Wonder why it changed itself after all this time... Well, bottom line is that it works again, and I thank you much for your help!!!