Backup PC->Laptop, over WiFi, preserve modified dates. Suggestions?

When backing up folders/files from pc to laptop, using WiFi, the modified dates are not preserved - in case of new folders, that is.
This is based on how Windows handles this.

Directory Opus when copying files folders internally, keeps the original date-time stamps. They figured out a way to overcome this.

I don't know of any backup software (backing up over WiFi) that maintains the original date-time stamp.

Any suggestions?


BTW: I noticed that when I copy a folder to OneDrive on the PC, the original date is preserved.
When it shows up on the laptop, the modified date is set to today.

While Opus preserves folder dates in more situations than a lot of software, they are still largely meaningless and too fragile to depend on for much.

If you add, delete or rename a file in a folder, the folder's date changes. It's not worth preserving, in my opinion, because it's going to get changed quickly as soon as you do anything to the folder anyway.


Up front, I do understand your point of view.
That being said, please allow me to say 'Let's agree to disagree on this'. At least to some extend.
If my memory serves me well, I believe you said this before.

For me file and folder dates carry much weight. Reason why in all cases I add a date to the file name, have Opus set the modified date to the date in the file name and lastly have the folder date as per newest date in that folder, also by Opus (script), such recursively for all folders and sub-folders.

I agree with you where it involves regularly updated folders, e.g. the default local file locations of applications. Other more 'static' folders with archived documents, it would be nice to see the last update modified date. I admit, this is my personal view.

Thanks anyway Leo.