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Backup tabs

I set up a lot of tabs in the tab bar and I backed them up. But after I restored it, there is always only one tab on the tab bar. Does Opus not back up tabs?

Could you give more details of exactly what you did? How were they set up? How did you do the backup?

Are we talking about folder tab groups? Or a layout, or the default lister?

Or did you just open some tabs in a window and run Settings > Backup & Restore?

I just created these tabs and then run Settings > Backup & Restore.

The state after restoration is like this.

That won't do anything. Do you want the tabs to be part of every new window you open?

If so, using Settings > Set as Default Lister after creating them. (Then do the backup, if desired.)

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Thanks Leo, it turned out to be like this, Opus has too many mysteries.