Bad Dopus startups after installing Windows updates

This is about a long-standing problem that Dopus has. Very commonly, after I install a Windows update Dopus will not start properly. What happens usually is this: the tree pane shows only a Drives icon, and the lister pane remains blank. Repeated attempts to start the program have the same outcome. After I run Windows Explorer one time, or in some cases several times, then Dopus is able run correctly again and with no problems until I do the next windows update. (BTW, I am using XP Pro).

If Dopus happens to be running when I do a Windows update, then typically the program freezes and has to be closed with Task Manager (which says the program is not responding).

Just now I had the problem with Dopus not starting after having done a Windows update and a reboot, and have some added info that may be of interest. The frozen program was on-screen for awhile (with Drives icon the only thing showing in the tree and the lister blank). I closed it with Task Manager, ran and closed Explorer, and then restarted Dopus. To my surprise the full lister pane displayed immediately. Usually this takes about 30 seconds, because I start-up in my working directory which has about 5,000 files and an automatic sort for alphabetic folders and newest files first -- this big sort is slow. So ... what happened is that Dopus was not displaying properly, but it had been working behind the scenes at sort the directory and storing that sort either in memory on the hard drive.

I don't even know if this post-update problem is fixable since Dopus obviously relies on the Explorer API and perhaps other Windows services that routinely get updated, and compatibility with code that is unpredictably new is the issue. However, this is bit of a raw edge that could be particularly problematic for people who are new to Dopus. At the least, if Dopus could detect a Windows update, during its start-up it could put a pop-up on-screen which notes that fact and provides instructions (as above) that -- if the needed during the particular instance -- can be used to get Dopus to running again.

What you're seeing is not normal and has not been reported by anyone else, that I have seen at least.

It's most likely due to something rare or unique about your system and the combination of software -- shell extensions in particular -- that you have installed.