Balloon tip for wildcard characters (beta

How can i display this balloon ? I try in toolbar filter field, in filter bar or FAYT field but nothing :frowning:

In a lister, push * then ) or one of the other characters and you should see it.

It only appears for the first of those characters added to the pattern.

I think there is a Windows setting which disables all balloons which would stop it appearing, too.

ok, i see it but...

  • it's only display in filterbar, why not in toolbar filter field or FAYT ?
  • my first * display FAYT and filterbar, so second wildcard character is display in FAYT first so no balloon.
  • if filter is currently apply, select all characters in filterbar field and tap ( or others don't display balloon.
  • if Activation key is disable and the first tapped character is ( or others, no balloon

It's not really a major feature, I wouldn't fret too much about it :slight_smile:

yes of course but that why i didn't see it... that's all...