Batch Edit Metada song tiles from a text file

I am new to DO and I have limited programming skills. I have many song files where the Title in the Metadata is wrong and too many to edit. I would like to update the title names in batch by accessing a text file. I would appreciate any assistance.

While you could write a script to do that in Opus, it's probably something better suited to a dedicated tag-editing tool. (Even a lot of those don't have that functionality, from a quick check of the ones I tend to use.)

Opus can easily import a list of paths/filenames from a text file for moving/renaming the files, if that is any help. You could then set song titles based on filenames, and album/artist tags based on parent folders. But that may not be ideal since filenames are more restrictive in terms of which characters they allow.

Thanks Leo,
If the file names are okay, how would I set the song titles based on the file names?

For mass filename editing, Opus is a good tool, including if you want to set filenames based on music tags.

But for mass tag editing, at least more than one album at a time, I would use a tool like MP3Tag.

In fact, that now seems to have a text file -> tag option which looks perfect for what you're doing:


Thanks! I came across this product, but was afraid to use the freeware in fear of hidden malware.

I've been using it for years without issues.

Of course, things can change (more often due to the hosting service not the developers or product itself), but I think it is trustworthy and has a good reputation.