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Batch rename issue

I downloaded a TV series. Since the window can't display the full name, I can't see the episode number. So I want to shorten the file names.

After selecting all the files, click the Rename button. The old name in the rename window is sometimes
*, sometimes the first file name (now always). Only * can be renamed successfully in batches. I have failed this many times and can't find the reason.

Choose a lot of files with different names, the old name display the first file name instead of *, is it a small issue?

It's normal, and will change to * automatically if it thinks it is needed.

What are you actually trying to do? Please give example before & after filenames, and details of how you have set up the different options in the Rename dialog.

What goes wrong? What's the error message?

There is no error message, the file names just have not changed.

I choose a number of files with different names. It is reasonable to display * instead of the name of the first file in the old name of the renamed window. It has been displayed before.

Of course, manually changing to * is also very fast, but sometimes it will be ignored.

I changed the new name to AA-[#], initial number 01, step size 1. When the old file name shows the first file name instead of *, the file names in the preview area are still the previous names, and there are no changes.

Please post a screenshot showing how you have configured the rename dialog.

When you turn on the numeric names option, if you haven't edited the old/new names yet then it should automatically change them to * / *.

If you have edited them, it will leave them as-is to avoid throwing away your edits.

My guess is that you're editing the names before turning on the checkbox. If you do that, you need to set the old name to * yourself. But if you turn on the checkbox before editing the names, it is done for you.

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Thanks Leo,

You are very smart, that's the way it is. I didn't notice that the order of my operations is different, so the old names will be different.