Batch Renaming - How?

I use DOpus to transfer photos from my cameras to the PC. Its quick and easy and its my number one program but through all the versions of DOpus I have owned I have never worked out how to batch rename files. All I can ever manage is one at a time.

In ACDSee you simply highlight the files , type the new name in a template box, pop in some exif data , add a hash or two to avoid numbering clashes and away you go. All of them renamed in an instant, I have even managed Lightrooms method of renaming , a little more complex but possible. DOpus however has defeated me I have searched the forum and found thousands of posts but none seem to answer the question. Could someone help me ? A Step by step approach would be appreciated. Thanks.

  1. Select the files you want to rename
  2. Click the Rename button on the toolbar (or press Alt+3)
  3. Set rename parameters as needed
  4. Click OK

Step 3 obviously depends on the rename you actually want to do. But it sounds like you actually haven't found the Rename dialog yet, so maybe once you get that far you'll find you can work the rest out yourself.

For reference, it looks like this:

And is fully documented in the manual.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the reply but the problem isn't that. If I type a new name in the new name dialog all it does is rename the first of the files in the list and leaves the others untouched.


What rename are you trying to do? (i.e. what are the original file names, and what do you want the new names to be?)

Here's an example that might help:

Note that you can use the arrow drop-down on the right of the new name field to insert different things.

And this may not be the best way to do things, depending on exactly what it is you want to do.

I think I have it now. From the example I see you have replaced the old name with a *. Didn't realise you had to do this. Now all the files get renamed. The exif details I can play with later. Thank you for your prompt help.