Beep, Windows error sound on file operations or right-click

Hello, this is my first post, hoping for some help. I have not found much to match my situation searching the forums. I have Opus version 11.4 x64 build 5229 installed on Windows 7 64-bit system.

In Opus, whenever I right-click a file or click the File menu while any file is selected, I get a Windows "error" sound ("beep"/"ding"/"bing"). The context menu does open, and does function, but it's very frustrating to have the sound 'dinging' each time. This does not happen if I right-click a folder or root drive. It also does not happen in Windows Explorer when right-clicking files. I'm assuming there is probably some context menu 'hook' or whatnot conflicting with Opus, and I would very much appreciate some guidance for how to resolve the issue.

I am quite new to Opus beyond basic usage, and starting to read the manual (slowly.) The program is basically in its default configuration, without much in way of any customization. Thanks in advance!!

You could have a look in -> settings -> miscellaneous -> sounds, if some wrong setting sneaked in somehow (maybe under "menu pop up").

I think I solved it using Nirsoft's ShellExView program: I managed to track down the issue (culprit) to the context menu entry for the file explorer replacement, still installed, I used prior to buying Opus: Avanquest PowerDesk 9. (An example of a program that was great years ago, and went downhill and not well supported or updated once in the hands of Avanquest.) It still has some functionality, although it's probable that I will find Opus will provides that same functionality once I learn how to use it more.

The error sound disappeared when I disabled "PowerDesk Extension" in ShellExView. I then chose to paste the CLSID for that context menu extension (which is {E682004E-DA1E-4b71-8A42-A540AD61BDC0}) into Opus advanced settings for "ignore_context_menus" so Opus will block it. I've re-enabled the item in ShellExView, but now Opus will ignore it. That seems to have done the trick. (PowerDesk has the handy option on its context menu for "copy path to clipboard" which is useful when I need to do that within Windows Explorer. I don't see that option within Opus for integrating with Windows Explorer, but perhaps I've missed it.)

It's unlikely too many others will be in the same position, running PowerDesk as well, and needing this guidance, but I'm glad I got that resolved.

There are ways of getting Opus commands onto the Explorer context menu, but for what it's worth, Windows already has a "Copy as path" context menu item which is shown when you shift-click a file or folder in Explorer.

Thanks ! I never knew about that :blush:

That's how I arrived here all those years ago, when Avanquest abandoned me. Never looked back, although I still have touched the surface of Opus.

I gave up at PowerDesk 7, when they gave up on changes beyond the cosmetic.

Wouldn't this be the same thing as File->Copy names(including path) to clipboard which is also Ctrl+Shift+C in a default Opus configuration?

Yes but that command doesn't show up in Explorer :slight_smile:

Ah, right! I either didn't read closely enough or just plain didn't understand what was being requested.

Thank you thank you thank you. I'm brand new to Opus and the right click thing was driving me insane! Anyway, exact same issue and I am uninstalling Avanquest as I type. Thanks for troubleshooting this for me. I would never have found it (and thought it was a problem with Opus).

Very glad my experience and solution helped you out!