Best way to switch between Column sets via button?

Hi Leo and All,
I see that if I go to Folder Options > Columns Tab > Clear the saved format and reset to defaults: > Set from favorites; then I can change to a set of columns that was previously "Saved as a favorite format."

First question: Is this "Save as favorite format" the most sensible way to swap columns?

Second question: How to a assign a toolbar button to this? I tried going to Customize > Commands Tab > User-defined Commands > Add new. Then I tried to build a "Go" command, but I didn't see anything in the list of Arguments that looked like what I wanted.

(I can post screenshots if it helps to see what I'm referring to.)

User-Defined commands are only really for commands you want to run from several different places, and will complicate things if you just want a simple toolbar. Avoid those unless needed.

For a command you can put on a toolbar, hotkey, etc. to apply a Favorite Format, see the Set FORMAT=... command. The button editor can build it for you with a menu of the possible formats.

You can also make a button which shows the menu of formats when you click it. You can find that in the Folder menu by default, as well as when you right-click the format lock on the status bar.

You can also use the Set COLUMNS=... or Set COLUMNSREMOVE=... COLUMNSADD=... or Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=... type commands to make buttons which set, add or remove specific columns without having to create a favorite format. Which is best is up to you and how you want to use things, and also whether or not you want the other aspects of the format to be applied in addition to the columns.

Thanks Leo!
This is exactly what I was looking for. And I will also check out the COLUMNSREMOVE and COLUMNSADD, since really that is what I'm doing.

Fun side note: I also Ctrl+dragged the two homemade buttons right on the the Column Header context menu while in Customize mode... Because apparently Opus lets you do that !!! :smile:


Make three buttons with Set FORMAT=... for three different formats. Create a menu and set this button to Three Buttons. You can then toggle between your top three formats.