Better groups in toolbars

Currently, when using the option "begin a group" on a toolbar button, DOpus draws a line in order to separate the buttons from the others.

Would it be possible to update this in somme manner so that groups can be named ?

E.g. I use a submenu in a toolbar to replace the Control Panel (I've made buttons for the settings I use and others that are not in the CPL). It currently looks like this :

I'd be glad if I could add a name in the separator, a bit like this :

Of course, it would usable only with vertical toolbars/menus, but that would be better than nothing.

Also, if this can be done, you should add the possibility to create groups at the beginning of a toolbar/menu.

You can kind of do this with a dummy button. In customize mode create a new button where you want the group name, but only fill in the LABEL field of the button with the group name you want.

I know what you're saying though, and I do agree it would be nice if some extra formatting options were available, such as making a button label BOLD or a different color to offset it from the rest of the group.