Better native archive format support

I would be very greatful if you could improve the native archive support in Opus. I work a lot with archives and in this area it seems to be lacking especially in comparison to other file managers.

I know .zip is supported well but .rar support is resrictive and limited in that you can't move or delete files in the archive. It also doesn't support encrypted filenames.

Maybe you could look in to adding support for the following common archive formats; .ace, .7-zip, .cab, .iso

Whilst not as good as full support for these other archive formats, I recently found that powerarchiver includes a command line tool which converts archive formats.

It's easily customized to an Opus button. Now whenever I get a non zip format - one click and it's converted. Easy.

Unfortunately converting an archive from one format to another before I can open it in Opus is not really what I wanted to do.

Having more and better native archive support in Opus would just be a lot easier. Being able to open, view, add, delete and extract files would be benefical in Opus since in this day and age archives are a common and everyday thing for most people. Especially those who have cause to require the need of a file manager on a daily basis.

For me this is one of the weak areas in Opus that other file managers don't seem to have a problem with.

I know that it's not what you would prefer. I offered it as a workaround - until such time as Opus supports other archive formats fully.

Have you made a request through the official support pages?

No I haven't but I'll make the request and see what happens hopefully there will be a promising turn of events in the near future :smiley: