BitDefender Free just deleted dopus.exe

Version 12.12. BD Classed it as "Potentially malicious application". I assume it's a false positive, but rather than release it from quarantine I thought I'd rerun the installer. This has failed, reporting

The following error occurred on the file Opus\dopus.exe'
Access is denied. (0x5)

I assume that's also BD's fault. I'll give it a reboot and try again: if I still can't reinstall, I'll set an exclusion rule in BD and release it.

Edit: reboot/reinstall gets things back up and running. Will see if BD takes offence again.

If BitDefender is having false positives, it's best to report them to the BD team so they can investigate and fix things.

Done that as well, but figured you lot might want to know anyway.

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Thanks! It is handy for us to know in case other people run into problems.