Bitlocker Refresh

There seems to be an issue with refreshing bitlocker encrypted removable drives.
The attached screen grab shows Windows Explorer displaying both K: and L: removable drives with their drive labels.
However, Directory Opus is only showing K's label and, although already unlocked, still offering to unlock L: on the right-click.
Am using v11.4 on Win8.1Pro (both x64).
Any ideas?
Many Thanks!

If you do a Refresh (F5) in the Computer folder, does either problem go away?

What about if you fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus), then re-start it, after unlocking the drive? Is the icon and/or menu still out of sync then?

Those will tell us if the problem is not detecting a change in state, or if is that the wrong state is being detected.

Hi Leo,
Thanks for the quick response...
F5 = no change
Restart of Directory Opus = drive labels displaying as expected (and right-click context menu correct).

Hi Leo,
Were you able to reproduce this issue?
Will it be fixed soon?
Kind Regards,

Have you checked if the context menu in Explorer shows the right thing? In the My Computer folder Opus gets the context menu straight from the shell, so I'd be surprised if it's different.

Yes, everything is correct in Windows Explorer, it's Directory Opus that isn't refreshing after unlocking Bitlocker drives...