Black lines everywhere randomly appearing

I've been using DOpus for a few days and when opening menus, info tips or other elements, sometimes black lines like theses randomly appear:

The lines stay even when the lister's window is minimized, the only way to make them disappear is to close the opened window and after a while it quickly become a big mess like this:

Thanks for your help.

Looks like you're using something that changes the look of window borders and visual styles. Does it still happen with that disabled?

Make sure you have up to date graphics drivers installed as well.

I disabled it (the program is glass8/Aero glass for Windows 8.x+ if that helps) and nothing changed. All my drivers are up to date too.

Do tooltips/infotips from other programs trigger it?

Which graphics drivers are you using?

No other programs have this problem. Also, I have MediaInfo which enhance explorer's default tooltip, but it has no effect on other programs and/or file managers.
My graphic driver is Intel HD, used with an Intel HD 2500 chipset.

This seems to be something affecting some Windows users, unrelated to Directory Opus.

Turning off the "Show shadows under menus" performance option in Windows is a workaround, but obviously loses the shadows below certain elements entirely.

These external discussions may be of interest:


I turned off the shadow option yesterday, seems like the problem is solved. Thanks for your help.