Black mode is ennoying in this forum - can it switch to normal?

i really hate black mode - it much more difficult to read content and i give a f... for coolness - i work with my pc and do not play around. many ui's today are made for playing around and not for workin - the big comanpany startet this crap (instead of fixing real problems) and verybody is following ...

You can choose which theme you use.

See the 2nd post here: Dark mode for forum? - #2 by bytespiller

i support topic starter in switching to normal mode.
to change it back to white i need to log in, but 95% of my time on site i'm logged off.
and all my cookies delete every 15min and on exit. too hard to log in every time))

We can't really win here. Some people complain if it's one way, some if it's the other.

Why not just stay logged in? Then you can choose whichever you want.

There's no reason to delete a support forum cookie after 15 minutes. International spies, police and hackers aren't going to care about your Opus forum cookie. :slight_smile:

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Yes. I always feel like I've somehow stumbled onto a cartoon or something.