Blue screen NOT caused by Dopus 10

On Windows 7 x64 and a NVidia GTX 560 Ti video card

I have not had a blue screen with this two month old video card period.

Since I just installed Dopus 10 today, I was ready to pounce and point to a buggy Dopus when Win7 blue screened with a 3b C00005 error. However after analyzing the mini-dmp file produced by the crash, the culprit was NOT Dopus 10 but rather GOM.exe a video player. The Joke is on me.

I was here on the forum earlier and saw all the posts about Dopus 10 and thought you might enjoy at least one post that cannot be attributed to Dopus 10.

I was able to figure out how to recover my old homemade buttons from the now hidden toolbar in Dopus - copy and paste the buttons to a new location.

So we are on a roll, lets keep it going.