Bogus (?) Failure Message When Attempting to Clear File Properties via "Properties" Dialog

When I right-click on a file, open the Properties dialog, and attempt to clear properties metadata from the Details tab, I get an extraneous dialog box indicating a failure. After I dismiss the dialog and close the Properties dialog, I see the metadata properties in question have actually been cleared, despite the dialog's conviction to the contrary.

Here's a quick video demonstrating the behavior with a real-world file:

I'm experiencing this on version 11.18 (build 5920), but it's been an issue for a couple of versions now. In the video, I guess since "version 11.12," but on reflection, I'm certain it hasn't been that long. Maybe since version 11.15 or thereabouts? It was definitely an issue for me in 11.16 and 11.17; that much I do recall.

Anyone else encountered this?

The Properties dialog is part of Windows.

It has no connection to Opus, except that Opus has a menu item to display it (as does almost any application or File Open dialog that lets you right-click files).

If you search the web for the error message you're seeing, you'll find lots of people with the same problem when doing the same in Explorer. Some seem to be blaming a particular Windows update.

Well, that hadn't even occurred to me! Sometimes I forget Windows is even under there, I rely so heavily on Opus. (Now that I carry it around on USB, I can't remember the last time I saw a File Explorer window.) ::headslap::

Thanks, Leo!