Bracketing AND and OR in a filter

How does bracketing work when a filter involves both AND and OR? What I mean is, the following two phrases have different meanings:

  • (tall AND thin) OR young --- tall AND (thin OR young)
    and the following phrase, without brackets, has no meaning:
  • tall AND thin OR young
    unless some added conventions have been introduced into the system.

In Preferences - - > Favourites and Recent - - > File and Folder Labels, I want to write a filter with several nestings of AND and OR, but:

  • I can't find any way to add brackets around individual lines of the filter,
  • I don't know what the DOpus conventions, or the general computing conventions, are in the absence of such brackets.

Use Subclause to bracket things. It's explained here: Defining a Filter.

All clearly explained, and quite easy to use. Thank for very much, Leo.