In this structure

I'm changing to 'v2'

and location shows now

but I'm expecting

IMO there is no reason to not offer possible sub-folders. I'm not sure but I think in DO 11 this worked like expected.


PS: even if im clicking first to a path who exists in v1 and v2 I'm loosing the whole path

If 'lib/test' isn't there, it works.

I never thought of offering that feature. The breadcrumbs are your history. In a web browser, if you go: -> About -> Board of Directors -> Contact

and then go back to About and click a "Our Story" link on the About page, you've created a new branch in the browser history. "Board of Directors" and "Our Story" are siblings, each with their own branching of "future" browsing history. When switching from "Board of Directors" to "Our Story", you've lost all of the forward history of browsing that was after "Board of Directors".

Another way I think of it is multiple undo's. If I go back three steps in editing a document using the undo feature, and then type something, in almost all programs with multiple undo features, I can never go forward again to regain those three steps.

But, having said all that, I suppose it's possible they could add a kind of ghosting of future history.

How would you expect such a feature to behave if you tried to go forward to D:\TEST\v1\com\google\lib\test but that final "test" folder wasn't there?

no, it's not only history, it's also for change a folder like I've wrote. Originally this feature was introduced after this topic Preserve path breadcrumbs location field

I've installed DO 11 to check but it looks like this never worked like I've wrote. I just noticed now because in my folder structure on a new version, I have an additional sub folder.

How ever, I think this could be improved.
If I'm in 'v1/com/google/lib/test' and changing from 'v1' to 'v2', currently DO checks if the full relative subpath exists (/com/google/lib/test). If it exists, it offers it grayed, else not. But in effect DO could offer the deepest existing subpath (/com/google). I don't see any reason to not so.

I learned something new! I can't think of any place in my structure where it would be used (which must be why I didn't know the feature was there), but now that I know about this feature, it may change my way of thinking about the breadcrumbs.

I'd like to see this added, too.

Nice idea, we'll add this in the next update. Thanks!

Great! Thanks jon!