Breakpoint transfer


Can the software read the paths in a batch and copy them together?
Now I have to copy folder by folder.

For example, if you have hundreds of folders on your hard drive, you only need to import them once and cut or copy them at multiple points. No need to cut or copy manually one folder at a time.

For example, if I load a pedestrian once and perform the task in batch, I should perform the copying task by the bottom file instead of by folder.
This can make full use of the over bandwidth.

There is a copy queue which I think does what you're asking for.

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So you want to gather a list of files/folders from all around the disk and then paste all of that to multiple locations?

If so, then you can use a DopStack, it's a fantastic Add-In (plugin) for Directory Opus which can do exactly that. You simply drag & drop stuff on it to build a list of items to copy, and then you can paste all of it wherever and whenever you want.

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