Brief hang on "Desktop"

I typed "Desktop" in the location bar. Opus hung. I was surprised and thought maybe it didn't recognize it. After a few moments, I managed to capture two dumps and then it did display the contents of Desktop. I will send the dumps as requested.

The snapshots show that, for some reason, one of the folders under the OneDrive Business folder you were navigating out of was causing a long delay when asking Windows to resolve its name. OneDrive can do some strange things in response to simple queries at times.

Thanks, @Leo

I'm not sure I understand why the folder I am leaving behind would have an effect, though. Is that something that can be adjusted/changed/dropped?

You may be able to turn off the recent list to avoid it.

the recent list in dopus?
or in windows?

not sure why that would help - and I actually like knowing my recent folders. I would think those are recorded on entry to the folder, not exit from, no?

In Opus.

They are recorded when you leave the folder.