Bug: adding (by dragging) folders into duplicate files panel

With the 'find' utility panel, I am able to populate the list of folders to search in by dragging and dropping folders from the file display border.
However, it is not working for the 'duplicate files' panel...

In the image below I have clicked and dragged the '\Program files' folder from the blue strip. The 'Add' appears ready to accept, but is not added with mouse release. The exact same action works for the 'find' panel.

May I also suggest the ability to drag folders from the main location bar as well (including from the dropdown menu on the right of each 'crumb'). This would make things easier since my 'file display borders' are often abbreviated (making certain folders 'undraggable'), unlike the usually wider location bar.

The state of the button 'lock folder' does not make any difference. This
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